Laç-ing onto you

Laç (pronounced latch, evidently) is a small town perched in the foothills of the mountains that distantly overshadow the sea. What’s this, week five of outreach? Welcome to week five. This is a high speed blog post but in other news:

My phone exploded. So I have no phone.

I completed full push-up circle, 1-10 and down again, doing full on dude pushups. So I finally have sort-of visible arm muscles. WUUUUUT!

I got to paint on walls with children. (Well with paintbrushes and paint. The children also used paintbrushes and paint.)

I did a lot of action songs and teaching.

I cooked meat meals for my meat eating team, and apparently I cooked them well. (Mystery meats, mwahaha. It’s not like I’m eating the roadkill.)

I saved money (with Joshua’s help naturally) on the weekly food budget. I then made chocolate covered oranges with said money. (For everyone, not just myself.)

I climbed up a thousand stairs to St Anthony’s shrine on the hill-top and prayed for Laç and that the huge cross which stands there would truly be a symbol of freedom and not bondage to tradition.

So we are working with two different children’s ministries here which is great. Our school leader Kellie has rejoined us, with her frisbee, both of which are wonderful things. But this is our final week before we head off to the YWAM base in Durres for our last 10 days in Albania, on the 29th! We already did intercession and praying for the DTS that’s just about to start there, which was very exciting. Writing words of encouragement we felt God give us for them made me so excited as that was US just four months ago and we’ve come so far. I can’t wait to meet them. Then we’re off to Blighty, Holmsted Manor for a week long DTS gathering with at least two other DTSs on their lecture phases. I’m really excited to be where my sister Sinead was born, see Daniel and Tamara who taught us on our very first week of DTS, show off England in February to my team. Then Newcastle for two weeks and back to Harpenden for debrief week, frisbee games and graduation on the 10th of March.

I have to go and teach English to children. So I must leave. I would love to talk about food though. Especially as I just finished a 3 week Daniel fast (eating no sugar, animal products or grains) and am full of interesting food thoughts that I want to verbalize and process. Apparently this will have to wait, however, as I just don’t have time right now.

Sailor is signing out. Hope this helped.

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